Sitecore recently announced that it had acquired Four51 in order to enhance their ecommerce proposition and help organisations deliver the most compelling digital experiences to their customers.

There are plans to integrate Four51’s products into Sitecore’s technology, so we took a look at Four51 and what they do to enable brands and improve the commerce storefront and customer experience.

Four51 has a product called OrderCloud, which is a next-gen B2B-focused ecommerce platform. Based on MACH architecture, which means that individual functionalities can be independently developed, deployed, and managed, Four51 is cloud-native, headless, and API-first to allow scalability, easy upgrades, seamless integration with other systems, and complete freedom to connect your content to other channels and devices.

OrderCloud was built for large, multifaceted, and highly-distributed organisations who need to extend their digital selling capabilities to any touchpoint, to any buyer, across any channel. OrderCloud has been used by a number of recognised brands for the past 20 years, including Aveda, Ford, Starbucks, General Mills, 3M, Subway, and AT&T.

Four51 OrderCloud’s core features include:

  • Order Management: You can manage multiple brands, sites, stores, warehouses, and more, with automated workflows to eliminate manual order-entry, through the administrative interface.
  • Sophisticated Ecommerce platform: Powerful and flexible capabilities for merchandising, search, pricing, order administration, cart and checkout, customer profile, and personalised promotions.
  • B2B Marketplace: You get supplier management tools that connect buyers to goods and services from any variety of suppliers or vendors.

OrderCloud inrerface 
Four51 OrderCloud Commerce Management Interface
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For us, Four51’s ecommerce capabilities, especially in the B2B area, is a great addition to the Sitecore suite.

For many organisations, having a direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategy is becoming more common, allowing brands to build direct relationships with their customers, and driving trust and loyalty.

Sitecore has already stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has driven ecommerce to become the leading buying channel for many organisations, and this prompted their acquisition of Four51.

The rate of digital transformation amongst organisations across all industries globally, along with widespread adoption of ecommerce, has highlighted the need for companies to embrace and implement API-first, cloud-native, and headless ecommerce and digital experience platforms that offer the flexibility necessary to keep pace with changing consumer and market demand.

OrderCloud architecture 
Four51 OrderCloud Platform Architecture

Four51’s B2B ecommerce platform puts Sitecore in a position to define the digital commerce market for the next decade with solutions that empower companies to quickly deliver innovative, buyer-specific shopping experiences. Four51’s API-first, headless commerce architecture significantly reduces the development time and resources required to deploy unique, experience-first commerce solutions from a single backend that meet business buyers on their own terms, whenever, wherever, and however they want to buy. Sitecore

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