Personalisation has been a marketing buzzword for many years, and it hasn’t gone away.

It's a topic that continues to be at the top of many marketers’ minds. It has become a fundamental part of many brands’ digital strategies. It has also proven its value in helping to drive sales and increase customer engagement.

Delivering personalised content at the right time, to the right person on the right channel can significantly boost customer engagement and ultimately help achieve digital goals.

Why should you consider Sitecore personalisation? As a short guide we've put together a list of reasons to personalise your website. Implementing it in Sitecore is relatively straightforward, as long as you have defined a roadmap and content plan.


1. Improve the customer experience

Presenting your customers with tailored content has been proven to create deeper relationships between brands and customers.

Each visitor or prospective buyer will be taking different journeys to and through your website. For example, completing a purchase, finding out more information, or downloading a whitepaper.

Visitors enjoy using a website that tailors their journey and offers relevant content or products at the right time. This will make them more likely to complete checkout or return to the website in the future.

2. Increase revenue

The correlation between a better customer experience, improved conversion rates, and ultimately revenue, has become even more obvious over the past few years.

The average basket abandonment rate today is almost 57% (Baymard Institute). Basket abandonment rate has been proven to dramatically drop when a customer’s online journey is personalised.

According to a recent report from Accenture, 42% of consumers walk away from a brand in frustration..

Brands who create personalised experiences achieve revenue increases of between 6-10% (Qubit – 'Getting 6% more').

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3. Stay ahead of the competition

Some of your competitors are already using a website platform or marketing technology that personalise content. If you're not using your website's marketing capabilities or external marketing technologies to nurture the customer experience, your competitors will always be one step ahead. /p>

Rather than risk dissatisfied shoppers abandoning your website, consider exploring ways to outshine your competition. Do this by creating better content, tailoring experiences to your customers' needs and automating communications.

4. Customers expect it

Customers expect a smooth, consistent and relevant experience across all touch points and channels. Whether web, mobile, in-store or over the phone, customer experience expectancy levels are now the norm.

According to a recent study by Precima, shoppers expect even more personalised experiences. In fact, when surveyed, 63% of US shoppers said personalisation is important. In contrast, 59% of UK consumers felt the online experience was more personal than those that take place in the store, while 86% said it was more convenient.

Using personalisation creates a fluid brand experience. It delivers relevant information that will benefit your visitors.

We think it's safe to say that personalisation is a very powerful tool that is becoming more critical to brands. It's become more than just customising a promotional email with your customers' first name. It's about creating unique experiences for each customer.

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