The drive for excellence in the online world is unabating. More likes. More shares. More content. More traffic.

The Internet has become an all-consuming medium for pretty much everyone. Most people own a smartphone, or a tablet. Even smart watches and IoT devices have encroached into our everyday lives.

Our need for information and instant gratification in some ways has enslaved us to the digital world and its offerings, to the point where we're being constantly bombarded at every touchpoint with what are in effect sales messages.

The impact of evolving technologies like predictive analytics, AI, machine learning, chatbots, Digital Experience Platforms and composable stacks for instance, have not only made businesses smarter, but consumers too.

That's not to say consumers were Neanderthals before these tech advancements, that would be extreme. But the point is, without them, we, the consumers, wouldn't be as highly informed as we are. That means consumers end up with more than enough knowledge to know exactly what they want.

Granted, a lot of web searches, reading reviews and watching YouTube videos are needed to become this clued up, but ultimately knowledge gives consumers greater power.

Customer centric techniques like marketing automation and hyper personalisation, which are used to deliver seamless interactions, are re-shaping our views of the customer experience.

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In a way we're being herded where business wants us to go because they’ve gathered insights on what we want, or at least what they think we want. And ultimately we've willingly parted with our data in return for being informed and gratified.

The uplift in tech and its capabilities now means the consumer's view of the customer experience has shifted . Because of this, companies are working even harder on strategies to break through the noise.

Businesses aiming for the stars have become victims of their own success, as have the technologies these businesses use.

The result? The customer experience continues to define the way consumers, well, consume. We want it now! We expect the website to be faultless. We want you to communicate with us at the right time, etc.

The shotgun approach to customer interaction has long gone. In its place is a mix of powerful technologies like Composable DXPs and CDPs that give businesses the freedom to have 1:1 conversations with their audiences and give them exactly what they expect, and more.

At this rate of tech advancement, within 5 years the ‘customer’ experience would’ve reached completely across the Metaverse, and that would be interesting because we'll be talking about the new trend of the ‘avatar’ experience.

Until then, consumers will continue to influence the customer experience as well as being defined by it.

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