Creation of quality content is arguably the most important weapon at your disposal. Even if your UI and site infrastructure are the best they can be, without effective content your website and other marketing channels are blunt tools.

One way of determining how ‘sharp’ your website really is is to perform an audit. This will give you an overview of any issues that may need addressing. It will give you a good indication of the technical state of your website as well as how your current content is performing. This is a good gauge and starting point to develop your content marketing efforts.

What is content?

Quality content communicates and reinforces your message and values. It educates your website visitors and aims to persuade them to engage and ultimately make a conversion. Whether that's a sale, a download or a general enquiry.

Content comes in many forms depending on which channel or channels you use. There's your on-page website content for instance, which aims to encourage organic traffic to your website.

Effective keyword research based on search volume, subject matter, intent, context, and target audience is essential. Writing the right content with your targeted keywords, in the tone that reflects your brand helps build an audience and makes your web pages rank higher in search engine results pages.

But there are also other channels to consider that suit an audience type and will represent your business online effectively.

Channels like social media, blogs and podcasts can reinforce your message in different ways. That's why a robust, comprehensive content marketing campaign is a must for every website owner. It plays a pivotal role in success.

Keys to success

1. Create a bond with your audience

Effective content marketing establishes brand awareness and creates a bond between your brand and your audience. Getting the right message across to the right people creates a resonance that will likely encourage an action. Whether that be a conversion or a revisit at another time.

2. Build trust

Writing quality content isn't easy. It requires a professional hand with an understanding of your company values, brand ethos, products or services, customers, etc.

This vital knowledge is the foundation to establishing trust through effective content writing. If your website creates an aura of trust it will ultimately benefit from an improved authority score and will rank higher than your competitors.

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3. Potential increase in conversions

An increase in conversions through good content is a measurable benefit. But this is all down to how well your content strategy is crafted and how well it reflects your audiences' needs.

For example, part of your strategy could be to provide as much information/support about your product or service. This could be achieved by implementing a tactic that answers common questions about your product or service.

This intent based approach can be in the form of FAQs on your website, a case study, short demo videos on social media channels, blog posts, and even podcasts.

4: Subtlety

Nobody wants a marketing campaign thrust upon them. Too much exposure can lead to frustration and brand fatigue. Message overkill makes audiences switch off. It can even lead to feed sponsored ads and pop ups for instance being reported as spam.

An effective content strategy requires good planning. Marketers need to consider the negative impacts of too much marketing. That's why subtlety in delivering your message and having respect for your audience can go a long way to creating authority and a positive image of your brand.

Marketing tools have features that can also help to streamline and throttle outbound messaging.

5. Support other marketing activities

A well-crafted content strategy with effective and engaging content is the catalyst to broadening your digital marketing efforts.

Repurposing web content into infographics and videos for instance, and posting to social channels is one way of broadening your efforts.

If your content is engaging it has a better chance of being shared with like-minded people. This will generate more followers, more back-links and create brand advocacy, ultimately generating more conversions and improve off-page SEO.

Your content marketing strategy is an essential tool in your online armoury. You need to plan, track and measure. If you want to find out more about how our SEO and Content Marketing services can help with your content initiatives, get in touch.