So how can you play into Hummingbird's hands, or wings for that matter, and give your SEO and Sitecore website a boost?

Using schema markup in your web pages is the answer!

What is schema markup?

Schema markup is relatively new. It's a piece of code that's added to web pages. The code is a unique semantic vocabulary in microdata format that applies itemscope and itemtype tags to page content. It can be used for a variety of encodings like Resource Description Framework Attributes (RDFa), Microdata and JSON-LD.

Schema markup is becoming one of the most powerful forms of SEO

Schema markup contextualises content so that it is indexed differently. In other words, it tells search engines what your data means and what your Sitecore website is about.

So how do you get started? To get the ball rolling its best to determine the most commonly used schemas and then to identify all the schema types you need, whether it be articles, restaurants, local businesses, events, software and more.

An example of a how schema markup snippet is displayed in Google
An example of a Codehouse schema snippet


To further help, you can also the following tools: