An important aspect of writing effective SEO content is to create as much relevant 'link juice' on any given page as you can.

Whether you’re pointing users to web pages in your own website (internal links), to other related websites (external links), or have inbound links (backlinks), link building improves page authority and SEO prospects.

Of course there are negative aspects to cramming a web page with spam links, but most of the time content creators are just going about their task of generating as much (honest) compelling content as possible.

But is there a web page link limit and how many links should a page have?

The 100 link limit

Although there’s no ‘official’ number, Google was, up to 2008, giving webmasters technical advice on a limit of up to 100 links per page.

The suggestion is this could have been because of bandwidth issues. In the earlier days of the Internet, crawlers could only process a certain amount of data on any given page. Because of this the’ rule of thumb’ of 100 links per page met crawler processing limits so it made sense to suggest it.

Today however, with so much content being produced, and with faster bandwidths and crawl rates, has the suggested 100 link limit changed?

The simple answer is no.

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Although 100 links to a page is only a suggestion, profoundly exceeding this will influence page rank score. It's akin to economies of scale but for SEO. The more links you have on a page, the lower the internal page rank (PR) each of those links passes. Put simply, more links = less PR for each link.

But in reality, how many web pages have you seen with more that 30 links - let alone more than 100?

Still, it's important to be aware of the suggested 100 link limit.

Produce SEO winning content! Garnish your pages with relevant links to improve page rank and page authority.

Plan your content efficiently! Try creating topic ecosystems in the form of topic clusters, and be sensible with your linking.

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