Whilst personalisation of a customer’s online experience has been spoken about for many years, and is already in place for many brands around the world, 2019 seems to be the year where both B2C and B2B organisations have woken up to the fact that personalisation is not just a nice-to-have, but a must.

Consumers are demanding personalisation. People expect it. And if your organisation isn’t doing it, they will go to a competitor who can.

Personalisation is growing in importance

The SoDa / Sitecore personalisation study found that 85% of organisations see personalisation as either an important part of their marketing activities or as a competitive advantage.

The findings also showed that 84% of organisations have increased spend on personalisation in 2019, with 32% seeing a significant budget increase.

Personalisation growing in importance 
Global Trends in Personalization, 2019, SoDA + Sitecore
Personalisation budgets increasing 
Global Trends in Personalization, 2019, SoDA + Sitecore

Organisations underestimate what personalisation takes

The report findings also showed that while C-suite and marketing leaders understand the importance of personalisation, the majority of them appear to overestimate their organisation’s abilities to deliver.

67% of rate their organisations as “Masters” or “Experts” in personalisation.

However, less than 40% are currently carrying out even the most basic personalisation targeting or tactics.

And more than half of organisations don’t have a strategic roadmap or investment plan for improving their personalisation efforts.

Without the right foundations in place in terms of investment, platform, and roadmap, personalisation efforts will be thwarted.

Personalisation needs new platforms and technology 
Global Trends in Personalization, 2019, SoDA + Sitecore

Introducing Sitecore personalisation

Sitecore is a powerful digital experience platform that combines website content management, ecommerce, and personalisation to help organisations create and deliver the most relevant, individual, personalised experiences possible.

The Sitecore Experience Platform comes with a suite of marketing features intended to solve your digital marketing challenges, and Sitecore gives you a number of different approaches to personalisation. Click the links below to find out more.

Research has shown that organisations that personalise the digital experience see a 19% increase in their key digital conversions.

Want to learn more about Sitecore?

We’ve been working with Sitecore since its beginnings.

We’ve designed and built websites on Sitecore across a variety of industries including financial services, retail, leisure and travel, education, health and pharmaceutical, food and drink, membership organisations, IT and technology, manufacturing, and shipping, using Sitecore personalisation to drive improved customer experiences and increases in conversions and revenue.

If you’re looking to do personalisation in the right way, with the right platform, the right tools, and the a strategic roadmap for the future, then we’re here to help.

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