Using Sitecore marketing tools in the Sitecore Experience Platform will help your business to achieve its digital goals. This rich functionality can be implemented with planning and expert guidance.

The Sitecore marketing tools allow you to:

  • Create and track campaigns and goals
  • Create profiles and personas and tag content to better understand visitor behaviour
  • Use the Path Analyser to create paths and funnels to analyse the paths visitors take through your website
  • Apply personalisation rules to show relevant content to visitors at the right time
  • AB and Multivariate test content
  • Create forms and track their effectiveness
  • Create events and taxonomies
  • Build marketing automation plans
  • Send email campaigns with Email Experience Manager (EXM)
  • Apply analytics filters
  • and more.

Our digital experience consultants will guide you through the Sitecore marketing tools – whether we designed and built your website, or another Sitecore agency did.

By configuring some quick, easy, and effective features, you’ll be able to quickly experience and apply the Sitecore marketing tools. For example, by configuring personalisation, or creating and assigning simple campaigns and goals you'll be able to immediately measure their effectiveness so that you can achieve your digital goals.

As well as Sitecore training and set-up, our digital experience consultants will work with you on your long-term digital strategy. They'll provide guidance on setting out a road-map that makes full use of the Sitecore marketing tools.

For example, both ‘dynamic content’ and ‘personalisation’ can mean the same thing. It’s easy to say “I want this.” But the question really is “why do I want this, and how will it benefit my website visitors and my business?”

Our discovery and masterclass services help marketers think about the Sitecore marketing tools, why they matter, and how they can make use of them in the best way for their organisation.

Our approach is:

  • Determining your customer experience maturity
  • Discovery
  • Sitecore marketing masterclass

Determining your customer experience maturity

Sitecore’s Customer Experience Maturity Model is a concept designed to gauge the maturity of your organisations’ digital marketing capabilities as they relate to customer experience, and what needs to happen to achieve every brand’s goal of lifetime customers.

The model comprises of three phases:

  • Attract visitors
  • Convert prospects
  • Advocate by building loyalty, attracting new customers, and gaining repeat business
Sitecore Customer Experience Maturity Model

In most cases, your website will fall into the Initiate or Radiate elements in the Attract phase.

Moving through the next phases of Convert and Advocate requires greater strategic thinking and tactical use of Sitecore’s marketing features.

This shift in focus from a brochure website to a dynamic website geared to the achievement of strategic objectives can prompt marketers to think about how they translate their business and marketing objectives into use of the Sitecore marketing tools.


At Codehouse, we continually work alongside our customers to ensure that business and marketing objectives remain in focus.

The initial stage of discovery we go through together is pivotal to aligning your digital marketing initiatives with strategic business objectives – with a focus on achieving your goals.

Codehouse Sitecore Discovery Phase 
Codehouse Sitecore Discovery Phase

In the discovery phase, our experts analyse your website’s current state-of-play by looking at keywords, search engine rankings, current goal-sets and more, to ascertain where your website is in relation to the Customer Experience Maturity Model concept.

Our research also involves determining how your key digital marketing goals can be represented through website visitor engagement. Our team formulates a ‘goals pyramid’ with assigned Engagement Value Points (EVP) – ranking each goal in order of importance; the most important goal, with the highest EV, topping the pyramid.

Sitecore marketing masterclasses

We hold masterclasses on the Sitecore marketing tools. The classes are completely bespoke to your organisation. We'll guide you through creating and assigning goals, campaigns, taxonomies, facets, setting up tests, and how to interpret activity and data in Sitecore Experience Analytics (XA) and Experience Profile (XP).  

Making the best of Sitecore marketing tools is a continual process, whereby continual optimisation and testing is necessary to gain improved insights, and see an increase goal conversions.

Codehouse Sitecore Marketing Masterclass
Codehouse Sitecore Marketing Masterclass

During your masterclass, we’ll help determine:

  • Who your customers are;
  • How your website visitors’ user journeys could be more engaging;
  • Your high-traffic pages;
  • Which pages should be used to serve personalised content;
  • Which areas of the page will be ‘reserved’ for personalised content.

We’ll also highlight the importance of creating dynamic content using Sitecore’s Experience Editor, and demonstrate how easy it is to carry out A/B testing and multi-variate testing (MVT) via the Sitecore Page Editor.

Committed to marketing success

Your website needs to evolve. We’re committed to continually working alongside our customers by providing in-depth training and masterclasses, ongoing digital optimisation and technical support, all designed to ensure you enjoy the Sitecore experience well beyond the launch of your website.

If you’re thinking about Sitecore as a website platform, or if you already have a Sitecore website and you’re having trouble getting under the skin of its marketing features and tool-set, then get in touch.