Moz recently came out with their 9 steps to take to rank well in 2018:

  • Make your URLs easily ‘crawlable’;
  • Do your keyword research;
  • Conduct a search yourself to discover what Google believes to be relevant to that keyword’s searches;
  • Ensure your content has a credible name against it, and serves the searcher's goal;
  • Write compelling page titles and meta descriptions that people will want to click;
  • Employ semantically-related keywords in copy, in addition to your main keyword;
  • Use rich snippets and schema mark-up to enhance the potential visibility that you're going to get;
  • Optimise page loading time – make it fast, and make it secure with https;
  • Amplify your content and get those all-important back-links.

Sitecore can help your 2018 SEO efforts

Sitecore offers some great out-of-the-box features and some fabulous add-on modules, to get your SEO campaigns kick-started.

Lovely URLs that Google will love

By default, Sitecore uses item names and tree structure to build the URL, ensuring items are named according to page titles and placement within the information architecture, and therefore unambiguous to the search engines, and real people.

Customisable keywords and metadata

Sitecore can be configured with a base template with mandatory meta-description and meta-keywords fields – all ready for you to get your creative juices flowing for the best, clickable page description.

Easy-to-add schema mark-up

Schema mark-up contextualises content so that it is indexed differently. You can easily add schema markup to your Sitecore website – just as we have done.

Sitemap module

At Codehouse, we have developed a module to automatically generate an XML sitemap. An XML sitemap will facilitate proper indexing by search engines and guide search bots through your website – helping you to help Google.

Keyword research and content amplification

As for SEO keyword research, content creation, and content amplification – well, that’s something we do for many of our clients and we can help you with too. Just get in touch to talk Sitecore, SEO and how to get your website fully optimised.