Creating campaigns in the Sitecore Experience Platform allows marketers to track and measure online and offline promotions and advertising initiatives in the Sitecore analytics tool called Experience Analytics.

But that's not the full story. Although campaign tracking provides meaningful insights to visitor behaviour, structuring campaigns provides a wider view of their performance and makes comparisons easier.

The Sitecore taxonomies feature is often overlooked, but it's a powerful addition to campaigns and goals as it allows marketers to create custom taxonomies (facets) to segment campaigns, goals or assets, which are then assigned to digital marketing activities. Facets describe aspects of campaigns, goals or assets and are surfaced in the reporting tables and graphs in Experience Analytics.

Getting started with taxonomies

The first thing you should do is define your goal hierarchy and your planned campaigns. Our Sitecore Optimisation service is the ideal opportunity for you to really get on top of taxonomies.

We'll review your goals and campaigns, provide taxonomy recommendations and then configure them in the Marketing Control Panel.

As an example, let's take a look at campaign and goal taxonomies for a landing page offering a Sitecore demo and a PDF download which has been assigned with a Sitecore goal.

  • Campaign name: Sitecore Intro Demo
  • Channel: Google Ads
  • Marketing Asset: XP Lite Booklet
  • Campaign Group: Sitecore XP
  • Campaign Source (Facet 1): Google
  • Service offering (Facet 2): Optimisation and Development 

Depending on your business requirements, up to seven custom campaign facets can be created and up to four custom goal facets and three custom marketing asset facets can be created.

  • Goal name: XP Lite Download
  • Marketing Asset: XP Lite Booklet
  • Document Type (Facet 1): PDF
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Making use of Sitecore taxonomic facets will mean that meaningful data insights will be visible in Experience Analytics under the relevant tabs.

The benefits of using marketing taxonomies

  • Provides structure to your activities
  • Tagging content lets you measure how visitors engage with your content
  • Aligns your marketing activities with Sitecore’s marketing capabilities
  • Better data insights provide the opportunity to evaluate strategies and content further

Learn more about Sitecore optimisation:

Talk to our experts to find out more about how our Codehouse Sitecore Optimisation service can benefit your business.


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