Sitecore has the ability to track, store, and then easily share critical customer experience data with other marketing technology (martech) tools like Salesforce and HubSpot etc. This is the single biggest promise of Sitecore’s integrated approach, and the one thing that seems to get endlessly kicked down the road.

The problem many organisations have is that the whole single view of the customer, and personalisation across channels, is nearly always seen as a shining future state – one that will cost the earth to achieve, take an age to complete, and generally drain your will to live. It’s ironic that, at this point in history, when digital engagement between brand and customers is more vital than ever, that some marketing and C-level executives still dig their collective heels in, and baulk at even starting this process.

The solution is to provide a methodology and approach that doesn’t require a budget that would make King Midas blush – one that provides very fast entry points to customer experience optimisation, while delivering proof-points all along the process.

Think little data – the data that really counts in your core martech platforms, rather than the whole enchilada. We don’t need to land a rover on Mars – we just need to know which campaign a visitor came in from, personalise their on-site experience, and integrate a handful of data points in our CRM so that we don’t send customers irrelevant marketing experiences during or after purchase.

We've all had that experience, right? We buy something online and soon after our emails and social posts are flooded with offers for pretty much the same product, as if our patronage doesn’t even rate recording and acknowledging.

At Codehouse, we call this acknowledgment of the customer, the Experience Ecosystem.

Experience ecosystem snapshot

Knowing your visitors' intent, personalising their website experience accordingly, and acknowledging their conversions is a good start – and realistically takes perhaps ten pieces of data to be shared across your marketing automation tool, Sitecore, and your CRM system. Campaign data, Sitecore analytics, and conversions paint a vivid picture of who your customer is, and what they may want now, or later on.

Customers will thank you for it. Customers want to feel their business is worth acknowledgement from your brand.

A 90-day Digital Transformation

Start with a single marketing campaign. Because most marketing campaigns focus on new customer acquisition, it’s the start of the conversation, and hopefully relationship, between your company and your customers.

Our approach

  • Step One: The Campaign Experience phase is designed to melt the traditional barriers to entry by providing a pilot-level approach, delivering a two-week project that has an impact on your lowest-hanging-fruit opportunities with Sitecore and campaign personalisation
  • Step Two: The Website Experience is our quick-start Sitecore optimisation process, delivering personalisation, testing, and actionable intelligence on customers – delivering the Sitecore capability you originally bought. It typically takes 4 weeks, so it’s fast and laser-focused on business uplift
  • Step Three: The Ecosystem Experience integrates little data between marketing automation, Sitecore and your CRM system – connecting the most vital channels for orchestrating the customer journey across digital touchpoints. Again, 4 weeks to complete means you have a connected marketing ecosystem foundation that really works
3 steps experience ecosystem

The Codehouse Experience Ecosystem approach is designed to deliver a data-driven future via a single view of the customer, and a connected, personalised marketing ecosystem. Each step can be taken individually, or rolled into a single 90-day project designed to deliver true, fast-track digital transformation.

90 days – a single business quarter – delivering phased proof points. Low risk, high reward. Short fuse, big bang. What’s not to like?

Our Digital Experience team is ready to deliver effective, fast and measurable digital transformation for your organisation.