Businesses across all sectors are facing extraordinary challenges on a global scale. Digital is quickly becoming the main channel available to connect with customers and keep businesses afloat.

Digital transformation is not just about technology. It’s about enabling your business to meet customer demands, and create authentic conversations and engagement, anytime, anywhere. In today’s marketplace, delivering engaging experiences that drives conversions has taken on a whole new sense of urgency.

According to an  Econsultancy survey, 54% of large organisations report that their response to the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a shift in messaging “to emphasise digital fulfilment, digital products, and digital services."

The Econsultancy survey also discovered that 43% of large enterprises observed innovation in customer communications, and 60% are using new processes they're likely to continue to use once the business environment improves.

1 in 5 large enterprises say that they have increased spending, or invested new spending, in strategic initiatives, such as digital transformation. Econsultancy

By embracing digital products and digital services, as well as the full content lifecycle, you can deliver positive digital experiences to your customers and differentiate your brand.

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Why upgrade your Sitecore ecosystem?

As the world becomes more digital, creating human connections and a memorable customer experience will become more decisive as a key to corporate success.

You don't want to be slow to market for new experiences. You don't want to have dated or limited functionality, and you certainly don't want to be stuck in a situation where you can't extend or further integrate systems due to outdated versions or customisations.

With a Sitecore upgrade your content and marketing teams will benefit from new functionality and flexibility. This will enable your business to improve its efficiency and enhance the digital experience for your customers.

You'll be able to drive deeper connectivity across your marketing technology stack, and free up time for content creation and campaign planning. In addition, costly server set-up, long processing, publishing, and deployment times will potentially be reduced. And if you run an ecommerce website Sitecore OrderCloud will significantly give your commerce operations a boost.

Our customer APM Terminals is a great example of how Sitecore can change the customer experience when there's a major focus on digital products and services.

We're one of the longest-serving Sitecore partners. We've helped multiple organisations across many industries manage their Sitecore upgrade.

Refreshing your Sitecore ecosystem to version 10.x can help your business become even more agile and robust. You'll be able to build stronger connections with customers by driving memorable digital experiences with Sitecore Composable DXP, which is the latest Sitecore advancement. Get in touch to find out more.