Personalisation is experienced in all digital interactions in one form or another. Whereas, up to five years ago, tailored content was a luxury, it is now a necessity that drives the implementation of online strategies.

If you haven't used it for your Sitecore website, it can be quite daunting. How does it work and where to start? These are the first questions we get asked .

It's easy to configure on an 'as and when' basis but planning and regular review are the key to a successful personalisation strategy.

Our Sitecore Optimisation service delivers, amongst other things, an in-depth review of customer journeys and key pages.

What are personalisation flows?

They are visual representations of customer journeys/paths. They represent the flow of a website visitor and their relationship with the tailored content. They also make online journeys a lot easier to understand, as each stage shows where the conversion points are.

Where are your website visitors travelling from? Where are they travelling to? What actions are they taking to trigger the display of relevant content in order to achieve your digital goals?

Personalisation flow
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Our Digital Experience team will craft illustrations of personalisation flows. From entry pages and exit pages to triggers and suggested contextual content/messages.

These are used to shape the personalisation strategy. Once determined, it’s about creating the content and configuring it in Sitecore, which our team can provide guidance on.

You can decide to have our team implement personalisation, or have a workshop/walk-through - it's up to you. Whichever you choose, you'll have everything in place to deliver exceptional customer experiences, gain meaningful insights, and track the experience effect.


  • In-depth review of your customer journeys and key pages
  • Goal alignment within a personalisation strategy
  • Personalisation flows
  • Implementation in Sitecore
  • Reporting to measure how visitors engage
  • Ongoing optimisation (including content testing)

To find out more about how personalisation can add another dimension to your marketing activities talk to our experts.