Content marketing is a strategic approach that has become embedded in the marketer’s toolbox. In essence content marketing is about creating an authentic narrative that feels natural and connects with your audience.

Publishing valuable and authentic content is essential to driving conversions, improving ROI, building brand awareness, establishing trust and promoting advocacy.

Content marketing is about creating, distributing, and publishing quality content through various channels relevant to your business and your target audience.

What are the different types of content marketing?

Your business, audience, goals and budget will determine the type of content marketing you adopt. Below are some examples:

Infographic content marketing

Infographics are a great way to communicate your message in a succinct graphic format. They can be as formal or as creative as needed. A mixture of text, images, symbols, short statements can really get your message across to your audience. Infographics are also effective for repurposing content.

Blog content marketing

Your blog is an effective way to drive your inbound strategy. Blog posts can be creative, serious and quirky whilst having authority on the subject matter.

Links and social sharing buttons allow you to promote other internal and external content. These could include white papers, product and service benefits, case studies and more.

Social media content marketing

Your social media channels shouldn't be ignored. With over 3 billion global social media users, these channels are a great way to connect with thousands, or even millions of potential customers.

Your followers expect some kind of engagement. They follow your business for a reason. They’re interested in your brand so releasing the right messages that resonate is vital.

Using your social channels to post videos/live streams product reviews etc. greatly increases exposure and the potential of increasing conversions.

Podcast content marketing

The popularity of podcasts is increasing. They offer a creative and effective way of talking in-depth about various topics relevant to your business.

A whole series of podcasts can be created, for instance, with an episode every day/week. Planned and advertised properly, podcasts are effective and can add a more human/conversational element to your business.

Video content marketing

Video content can be used to demonstrate the benefits of your products and services. Videos give you the opportunity to showcase your business and what problems it solves. Videos can be used on your website, landing pages and shared across your social media channels.

Paid ads content marketing

In the right places paid ads can drive traffic and conversions. Their placement will depend on your budget and your audience type. The various types of paid or sponsored ads are:

  • Search engine
  • Banners
  • Skyscrapers
  • Social media feeds
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Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing is vitally important. It's the mouthpiece of your business's aspirations and values.

Successful and effective content marketing requires planning. It also needs a team of editors, copywriters, designers, marketers and SEO specialists to make it gel.

As with anything, lessons will be learned along the way. But there’ll also be opportunities that may alter your strategy. Like for instance, an unexpected development in your industry that requires exposure.

Ultimately, there are four key benefits when implementing a successful strategy.

  1. Education
  2. Conversions
  3. Relationships
  4. Solutions
Content marketing benefits diagram

At Codehouse we support our customers in their content creation efforts. We have a dedicated team of experts that will provide the best guidance for creating great content. Get in touch to find out more.