Back when online storefronts were brash and clunky there was no ‘personal’ online shopping experience to speak of. It was simply a matter of clicking the 'buy' button and waiting for your order to arrive. It was a one size fits all experience, which at the time was the norm.

But over time, as consumer needs change and technology advances, the rise of ecommerce is now very apparent. This article will explore what has shaped ecommerce and how our online shopping experience will evolve.


Being made to feel special has always been a main driver to clinching a sale. When we walk into a brick and mortar store we want to feel special. The same applies in the online world.

With improvements in design and technologies, swankier AI driven online stores lead the way in ecommerce. After all, nobody really wants to buy from a ‘boring’ ecommerce website that doesn't cater for the customer.

Personalisation in ecommerce stores is the expectation. In fact, the customer experience has become a key differentiator with entire strategies based around it. Emails, social feeds, augmented reality, all derive from the data - the information we give to businesses from our online activity. This data is used to hone our experience and to make it as personal as it can be.

The customer’s need for personalisation has made businesses maximise the critical areas of a customer journey with tailormade content that matches intent. This is vital to driving conversions and repeat business. How far can personalisation go in ecommerce? This is all down to the technologies available and the ability to execute.

Assuming our need for wanting tailor made experiences, what other trends could improve the online shopping experience?

One tap purchases

Convenience and simplicity. That's what we want as consumers, especially in today's fast paced world. 'Tap and Pay' is great, isn’t it? So great in fact that these transactions have increased significantly since Apple and Google Pay entered the scene.

Ease of payment has seen an increase in checkout rates. PayPal for instance saw a 70% increase in Tap and Pay transactions as opposed to debit or credit card payments. We're seeing this more often on many online stores as they move to a more convenient payment method.

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A refined mobile experience

Before mobile was a 'thing' i.e. increased usage and a ranking factor, the mobile experience left a lot to be desired. Today though the mobile shopping experience plays a pivotal role in conversions.

With over 65% of people in the UK using their mobile devices for online shopping, it's no wonder that businesses must cater for this upward trend, because this growth rate is likely to continue.

If businesses don't get with the program they risk cart abandonment and losing customers to competitors. A future proof and streamlined ecommerce store that's fully integrated with a customer data platform and experience platform will deliver a refined mobile and desktop experience.

The ethical consumer

Sustainability has entered the consumer consciousness. Now more than ever, with climate change and healthier lifestyles, sustainability is a determining purchasing factor for an increasing number of people.

Businesses with good sustainability credentials that promote biodegradable packaging, green energy and fair trade for instance, have seen an upturn in fortunes. This will only continue as governments around the world push for a more greener planet.

Working with Codehouse

The above are just some of the things that influence B2B and retail ecommerce sales. If your business wants to deliver an exceptional journey that keeps consumers on-side then a sound strategy, a powerful commerce platform, backed-up with a robust technological infrastructure is needed.

And then there's the Metaverse. We haven't even talked about how that's going to change the face of global ecommerce.

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