The online experience is about ‘on-demand’ and ‘personalisation’. The messages we see resonate and amplify our needs to make a conversion. Through user research and online tools marketing campaigns have become data driven so they can be improved to meet consumer needs and generate more conversions.

As consumers we expect our digital experiences to be seamless. That’s why it’s important for marketers to make data driven decisions based around the user experience.

Every day we’re bombarded with messages and call-to-actions. Buy this. Buy that. Sign up etc. And in return for our commitment we expect the promised benefits and a refined user experience.

Each communication we receive is vying for our attention trying to satisfy our needs. But are the messages contextually relevant and delivered at the right time across all touchpoints?

There may be brands out there thinking they have everything covered. They may have a content management system that ‘does the job’. But that’s not enough in today’s on-demand world.

Businesses should consider leveraging digital experience platforms that can deliver to ambitious business objectives by providing connected experiences to customers.

The Sitecore Experience Platform enables marketers to deliver a better user experience across all channels.

Connect the disconnected

Disconnected marketing technologies potentially deliver a jarring experience. They not only place a strain on resources, they could also confuse customers – which could potentially make them search for more satisfying outcomes and competing products or services elsewhere.

Brands need to connect the digital experience dots. They need to look at how their digital assets can consistently deliver a connected user experience through personal, contextualised messages that nurture prospects, build trust, drive sales and establish loyalty.

If brands are to embrace digital transformation, then keeping pace with technological advancements should be part of their ambition.

To build a credible relationship with customers, marketers need to get away from the one message fits all mentality. They should focus their marketing efforts on effective user experience design with mapping the customer journey and aligning digital goals with strategic objectives.

This can be achieved with a single connected experience platform like Sitecore. It can help your business move to the next level.

Below are some of the most impactful changes introduced to Sitecore over the past few years:

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Codehouse and Sitecore

Over the years Sitecore has been busy listening to partner and customer feedback to deliver exceptional technologies to help businesses achieve their goals.

From context driven marketing key to delivering personalised content across digital channels, Sitecore has introduced significant contextual intelligence enhancements to its digital experience platform.

It allows marketers to not only deliver real time contextualised and personalised customer experiences, but to also automate activities so that conversion, customer satisfaction and lifetime value are increased across all touchpoints at the right time.

Our relationship with Sitecore goes back a long way. In fact, Codehouse was originally responsible for training the other Sitecore partners in the UK and since then we’ve delivered many award-winning digital projects on the platform.

How much is a website? That all depends on what you want. Our UX team, developers, and digital experience team work closely with our customers to ensure visual design, design usability, information architecture, technical and marketing goals are met, and that ambitions match budgets.

Our design process takes into account the technology stack your business is on. Plus our SEO and Analytics services ensure your marketing efforts are moving in the right direction too.

We’ve forged partnerships with other technologies that will enable your business to seamlessly integrate with whichever third-party tech you’re using.

The impact of choosing the right partner

If you want your business to keep up with today’s digital advancements, then a future-proof solution and an experienced technical partner with integration expertise is the answer.

Codehouse and Sitecore can help here. Chances are that, even though you’re already running Sitecore, your business-critical marketing technologies (and so intelligence gathering ability) is siloed.

This disconnect means your marketing team can’t obtain a rounded view of your prospects and customers. And, because of this, the opportunities to deliver real-time contextual personalised messages to them across multiple channels are hard to effect.

By choosing Sitecore as your preferred DXP, and Codehouse as your partner, you’ll be able to deliver, measure and track your customers’ digital experiences across all your touchpoints. All managed under one solution: inside one integrated, user interface.

There’s also the prospect of reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the marketing tool set. This can also help build a strong case for choosing Sitecore. A few considerations here are the cost of:

  • Running multiple applications
  • Bringing together customer datasets
  • Analysing and reporting on customer activity across silos
  • Actually putting it all together and then supporting it

The Internet has come a long way since its static inception. Whether it’s brands chasing our loyalty or a consumer looking for the next best thing, the Internet has become embedded in our everyday lives.

With our expectations as consumers increasing daily, adopting a technology that delivers an enhanced customer experience is all the more pressing.

Sitecore not only caters for the on-demand and personalised culture we live in; it also helps marketers connect the dots in their customers’ online experiences.

This allows marketing teams to act on them by delivering contextual content, thereby delivering positive outcomes and extending the customer relationship.

To find out more about how implementing Sitecore can add another dimension to your marketing activities then talk to our experts.