During the main session, Codehouse speakers introduced the new features in Sitecore XP8 and explained how they can help make site visits more compelling by using Sitecore personalisation.

We also discussed the significant improvements that Sitecore personalisation can bring to a website visitor’s experience by customising content in real-time to give a curated journey through the site.

Finally, Paul Fennemore from Sitecore presented a financial modelling tool for building an ROI-based Sitecore upgrade proposal.

Delicious pastries, hot coffee, and ideas. All-in-all, a successful morning!

A speaker at the Codehouse seminar, Pastries and Personalisation
Operations Director Matt O' Neill talks about curated user journeys
A speaker at the Codehouse seminar talks about the process of Sitecore personalisation
Digital Experience Consultant Peter Lambrou talks about the Sitecore personalisation process

This seminar operated on an invite-only basis, but we plan to host similar seminars in the near future. We would love for anyone who either has Sitecore or is thinking of purchasing Sitecore to come and join us.

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