Aimed at organisations that are already using or are considering the Sitecore platform, this seminar will help you to understand how to leverage the Sitecore Experience Platform to realise your digital marketing goals.

An effective digital and customer experience strategy is a necessary starting point for leveraging this platform effectively. With advanced features like marketing automation, personalised content and AB/MVT testing, digital experience platforms like Sitecore are revolutionising how organisations reach and engage customers.

At Codehouse we understand the value of getting this right not only from a strategy perspective but also by making sure that the building blocks for personalisation and contextual intelligence are factored in to our execution and delivery so we can help our clients achieve continued success.

This breakfast session aims to show how your organisation can use the Sitecore platform to its full potential and how you can get set to continue to create and deliver relevant and meaningful digital experiences.


Codehouse regularly holds events that aim to inform and help you unlock your site’s potential. If you are interested in attending our future events, be sure to get in touch.