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The world of financial services is at the precipice of an irreversible age and wealth divide, where companies need to change their approach to marketing and how they serve customers online – to either fly or fall.

On the one side, the millennial generation, who have grown up in a digital world, who fear having to work longer, and worry about having less savings and less money to invest than their parents. With little brand loyalty, they prioritise digital channels and the opinions of peers in decision-making, and have extremely high expectations around digital experience and a personal touch, coupled with low tolerance levels for things that go wrong. They are about to enter their prime earning years.

On the other side, the older generation, who own their own property, value money as a measure of success, trust face-to-face advice more than they trust your website, and who are more likely to pass their wealth onto their children than their millennial grandchildren.

In the middle, the oft-forgotten sandwich generation with varying levels of wealth, who have learnt to adapt to the digital world, who still value personal contact and advice, but have strong expectations around their digital experience, before, during, and after any investment decision.

  • What can financial services brands do now to change how they market to and service all these generations?
  • What will happen if they don’t?
  • What new products or models might be needed for future generations?
  • How can brands create and tailor customer journeys that suit every age and everyone?
  • How much of a role will technology play in the success of financial services brands?
  • What’s the future for financial services online?