Our event - put on by the Codehouse Australia team - focused on helping brands understand how to use the Sitecore platform to create the most relevant and effective customer experiences.

It was centred on exploring the potential of Sitecore beyond simply content management, and getting a greater utilisation of its digital marketing features to grow business; which we know is important for all our clients.

Art of the possible delegates

Codehouse Digital Strategist MVP, Matt Tilbury, demonstrated how to get visible business benefits to delegates from a range of organisations

The session was very well attended, and we have already had some positive feedback from our guests:

"It was great to come and learn more about what Sitecore can do."

Keep in touch!

We trust our attendees got a good understanding of what a great tool and enabler Sitecore is, to help companies deliver on marketing strategy with measurable marketing results. We encourage everyone to get out there and start the Sitecore personalisation journey for their organisations, if you haven't done so already!

We attend many events and regularly hold Sitecore events in Sydney that aim to inform and help you unlock your Sitecore website’s potential. If you are interested in attending our future events or you'd like to talk about how we can help you with your Sitecore website, please do get in touch.