We’ll have a stand alongside our partners, Sitecore, where we’ll be happy to welcome you and talk about any digital problems or projects you have, and how we can help – but don’t miss our exciting talks on the first day of the festival!

Session 1 – 10 October, 10.15am

On 10 October at 10.15am in the Customer Experience Theatre, Shaun Miller, digital experience and UX consultant at Codehouse, and Brent Dewhurst, digital marketing manager at Colt DCS, will be speaking on the topic of “How to create a platform for thought-leadership that drives sales and satisfies internal stakeholders."

In this session, you will:

  • Hear how Colt DCS dramatically increased sales enquiries and revenue pipeline with a new digital experience
  • Learn how audience insights informed the online customer experience and content approach
  • Understand why a phased approach to launch keeps internal stakeholders happy and provides quick insights for future improvements
  • Get details on how a strong brand-agency relationship and stability helps both businesses succeed

If you want to know how a customer-centric digital experience can drive more sales into your business, then you can’t afford to miss this presentation!

Session 2 – 10 October, 11.30am

Shaun Miller will be following the customer experience talk up with an intimate and exclusive Jam Session for a select number of 15 people only on “How ‘asking’ your customers’ questions can shape an effective personalisation strategy.

This session will cover:

  • Harnessing your understanding of the questions your customers have at each step of their journey, to inform how your website and digital channels communicate with them
  • The importance of goals, data, and customer insight in defining personalisation
  • How to start small, and iterate on your approach to increase relevance and see results improve

If you’re a brand who’s looking to start down the road of personalisation, or you’re already using personalisation and want to pick up a few tips, then this is the presentation for you.

Want to meet us?

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