Having been a Sitecore Partner in Australia for quite some time, we had a full room at the Sofitel with delegates from organisations that use Sitecore, as well as our Codehouse Australia team.

Adam Wheat, Sitecore partner account manager, gave the opening welcome, and having the Sitecore team attend the breakfast alongside our team meant that the attendees got a chance to have a round-table style discussion about how Codehouse and the Sitecore CMS can help extend their current sites’ usability and find out how to make personalisation deliver for their brand.

The session provided our audience with lots of insights and practical takeaway

Codehouse Digital Strategist MVP, Matt Tilbury, gave the main presentation, centred on the power of personalisation and contextual intelligence using Sitecore’s extensive feature set.

The message about personalisation couldn’t come soon enough, and many of our guests understand how important it is for their organisations to get this right - customer experience being the new battle-ground, with insights and data the weaponry that will win hearts and minds.

Our attendees were thoroughly engaged, with many questions on how Sitecore personalisation works and what they would need to get started.

We had a great time getting to know everyone over breakfast and coffee, which made for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

As take-aways, we supplied guests with a few Codehouse goodies, including USB sticks with the presentation on it – it’s always the little things, isn’t it? Overall, a very successful morning!

Breakfast and giveaways at the Codehouse Context eats Content breakfast seminar
Breakfast and giveaways

Sydney Sitecore events

We’re looking forward to hosting more Sitecore events in Sydney, and provide similar sessions that will be of benefit to any brand with a Sitecore website. If there are any topics you’d like the Codehouse team to cover that you’d be interested in, do let us know.