Over two wonderful days, we heard from many inspirational speakers, who shared their personal accounts of tackling the worlds of marketing technology, digital transformation, digital optimisation, and customer experience. There was lots of networking with marketing industry peers and counterparts – as well as lots of wine drinking!

On day two, our very own digital experience consultant and Sitecore MVP, Matt Tilbury, spoke on the topic of ‘A Practical Approach to Delivering Compelling Digital Experiences.’

Matt’s presentation offered plenty of practical takeaways on how to get started on the journey to digital experience success with the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), and he explained how identifying the barriers to success and building a repeatable framework for delivering compelling online experiences will help you meet not only your customer’s expectations, but also provide measurable business benefits.

This was one of the most educational sessions of the whole Symposium

We’re living in a world today where customers expect highly personalised experiences whenever and wherever they interact with your brand. They want you to recommend products and services that are right for them. They want to feel you know them and you understand them, regardless of whether they’re using your website, calling customer services, or contacting you via Twitter. They want to feel nurtured and loved. And that’s where the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) comes in.

Very practical…gives me a good starting point to make sense of it all

An extremely powerful customer engagement platform, Sitecore XP empowers you to market in the context of current and past customer interactions with your brand, across any channel and in real-time. You end up providing a more relevant, meaningful, personalised experience, from a customer’s initial contact with you, through digital optimisation, to post-purchase engagement and nurturing. Essentially, Sitecore helps you reach that holy grail of online personalisation that both B2C and B2B brands are looking for, and what customers are demanding.

Informative and useful

The audience on the day was highly engaged – lots of people taking photos with their phones – and everyone left with some delicious, premium coffee beans to go with their re-usable Codehouse coffee cups (we’re very environmentally conscious here!), and a big smile on their faces that they got practical tips from Codehouse, an experienced Sitecore Partner. Tips from the skilled team of Codehouse digital experience experts which they could take back to the office and start working on straight away.

If you missed the event, and you would like to know more about what Codehouse together with Sitecore can do for you, then you can Request a Demo and we’d be happy to show you more.

Even if you didn’t get to meet us at this Marketing Tech Symposium, over breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a glass of wine, then we would still love the opportunity to start a conversation – just get in touch with our friendly Codehouse Australia team. We’d rather not leave it till next year to make contact!