With experience in product marketing at leading technology companies including Adobe and Criteo, Ali leads a team of brilliant marketers that identify the benefits of Coveo's AI-powered technology, platform and products, and then bring them to life in the language of the customer. He is passionate about compelling story-telling methods, helping find ways to address customer challenges, and enabling others to have their own productive conversations. Originally from the UK, he now calls Massachusetts, USA home with his family and large collection of vintage camera gear.

We caught up with Ali to hear what he was planning to talk about at the event on 3 December, themed all around Digital Influence.

"The digital experiences you provide to your customers and partners need to be instantly relevant or you risk losing their interest and trust. And good luck getting it back!"

Your customers have raised their expectations of what it means to do business with you. You need to stay relevant by delivering personalised experiences aligned to customer intent and context at the exact moment of need.

In his success story-led session, Ali will show how companies admired around the world use Coveo’s AI-powered technology to differentiate themselves in their markets, drive more growth, service customers more efficiently, and promote a collaborative and proficient work culture.

Codehouse Drive Event Speaker Ali Hanyaloglu 
Hear Ali Hanyaloglu, senior director of product marketing, Coveo

Save your spot for Drive!

Drive is on 3 December 2019, starting from 2pm with drinks from 5pm onwards in the relaxed confines of Coin Laundry on Exmouth Market - a laid-back neighbourhood bar, with seasonal food, cocktails, and craft beers.

With expert speakers like Ali talking about AI, personalisation, relevance, connections, and the power of influence, plenty of Christmas drinks and delicious food, and lots of story sharing with your peers and friends, you’ll be sure to have a good time at Drive.

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