On Friday 11 October at 11.55am, on the Personalisation Stage at Festival of Marketing 2019, digital experience and UX consultant Shaun Miller, will be talking about “Come in from the cold – How machine learning can help you personalise for the unknown.

How do you recommend something to someone you’ve never met before? Can you?

This is called ‘the cold start problem’ – you cannot draw any useful inferences about someone before gathering some information about them.

In this sure-to-be-popular talk, digital strategy consultant at Codehouse, Shaun Miller, will explain:

  • How approaching more of your users as a 'cold start' can lead to better personalisation
  • How machine learning can be used to understand your visitor in the moment based on your existing data to contextually personalise everyone’s experience
  • The importance of data scientists and technology in marketing today, and how you can establish a framework to help solve your challenges around personalisation

Sessions are filling up fast, so be sure to book your space soon!

This session on the Personalisation Stage at Festival of Marketing 2019 follows on from Shaun’s hands-on jam session the previous day, Thursday 10 October, on how to take your first leap towards adopting AI.

Both talks are in association with our partner, Sitecore, the global leader in digital experience management software. Catch both if you can!

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