We believe that the world of financial services is at the precipice of an irreversible age and wealth divide, where companies need to change their approach to marketing and how they serve customers online – to either fly or fall.

  • What can brands do now to change how they market to and service all these generations?
  • What will happen if they don’t?
  • What new products or models might be needed for future generations?
  • How can brands create and tailor customer journeys that suit every age and everyone?
  • How much of a role will technology play in the success of financial services brands?
  • What’s the future for financial services online?

Join us for a fun-packed afternoon to discuss and debate these questions and more with our fantastic line-up of expert speakers, and make sure to join the conversation on Twitter - @codehouse #FSgap

 Dr. Emmanuel Mogaji

  Emmanuel Mogaji

Dr Emmanuel Mogaji is a Lecturer in Advertising and Marketing Communications at the University of Greenwich. Emmanuel’s primary areas of interest are ABCDE of Marketing Communications – Advertising | Branding | Communications | Digital | Ethics. He has been researching UK banks' advertising strategies for over 5 years, and has published several peer-reviewed journal articles and presented his works in a large number of national and international conferences. His latest book titled Emotional Appeals in Advertising Banking Services is published by Emerald.

Hear Dr. Mogaji talk about the challenges of emotional appeals in financial services marketing. With the global financial crisis, competition within the industry, the advancement of FinTech companies and Open Banking, financial services providers are facing enormous challenges to remain relevant to the ever changing consumers' needs. Dr. Mogaji's talk will consider these challenges and offer some recommendations.

 Oliver Chesher

Oliver Chesher

Oliver Chesher is founder and managing director of PR agency Galibier. Named after the highest climb in the Tour de France, the agency specialises in the hard-to-achieve: ambitious storytelling and campaigning for some of the world’s biggest brands in financial services, tech and education.

Oliver was born in ’77 - the tipping point of the generation gap. Most financial services institutions’ business models will die out before his generation does. He will explain why proper, strategic PR - communication, reputation and credibility - bridges the generation divide and is the key to a sustainable future.

More speakers to be announced soon...