As one of our resident digital experience specialists, Shaun is a well-known face to many of our customers and has delivered talks on marketing and customer experience at numerous events including Festival of Marketing and Figaro Digital Summit.

Shaun works alongside our designers and developers to deliver cutting-edge digital platforms and customer experiences for UK and multinational organisations, and specialises in identifying major trends and working with technologies that are shaping the future of the economy and organisations across all sectors.

We sat down with Shaun to understand what he thinks about the power of digital influence and what he’s going to be highlighting at Drive on 3 December.

"Obsessing over the most cutting-edge technologies is rarely essential to succeed, but a preoccupation for the best user experience always is!"

Shaun will take us on a journey through biggest trends of the Tens – 2010 to 2019 – to learn what digital leaders across various industries believe will influence the future of their organisations.

We’ll hear about the two main drivers and trends predicted to improve the customer experience and augment the capacities of staff - B2B digital commerce and productivity tools, and the rise of AI and machine learning.

Shaun will also show us a lesson from history to illustrate that whilst obsessing over the most cutting-edge technologies is rarely essential to succeed, a preoccupation for the best user experience always is. 

Codehouse Drive Event Shaun Miller 
Get a grip on the hottest marketing trends of 2010-2019 with Shaun Miller from Codehouse

Save your spot for Drive!

Drive is on 3 December 2019, starting at 2pm with drinks and nibbles from 5pm onwards in the relaxed confines of Coin Laundry on Exmouth Market - a laid-back neighbourhood bar, with seasonal food, cocktails, and craft beers.

With our expert speakers talking about AI, relevance, personalisation, content, connections, and the power of influence, and lots of story sharing with your peers and friends, you’ll be sure to have a great time at Drive.

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