AI has the power to change operations and experiences for the better for both corporations and consumers.

However, more often than not, companies looking to employ AI solutions to improve the experience for customers are confronted with technological and internal complexities, and difficulty in being able to build a solid business case for investment in AI.

Companies can also be faced with outright fear from colleagues, apprehensive about artificial intelligence and the uncertainty of what it could actually mean.

During our webinar on Thursday 12 September, in collaboration with Sitecore, a global leader in digital experience management software, Codehouse digital experience and UX consultant, Shaun Miller, will discuss how making the right choice of technology for the right reasons is paramount, and the potential AI holds for your organisation.

Shaun will take a look at:

  • How you can minimise solution complexity
  • How you can provide evidence of the real value of AI to your business
  • The steps can you take to convince the C-Suite to gain investment and approval
  • The value of producing a minimal viable product (MVP), and the importance of analytics and evidence-based testing
  • What the future holds for AI and digital experience, and what you need to do now to be ready for it

Whether you’re not quite sure about AI and want to learn more, whether you’re fully on-board with what AI technology could do for your business but don’t know where to start, or you’ve already started and curious about the future of AI and digital experience, then this webinar is for you.

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