It was a fantastic, jam-packed event, where the main emphasis was on educating customers who already have Sitecore websites about Sitecore 9 – the latest version of the Sitecore Experience Platform – and the benefits of upgrading their Sitecore website.

Sitecore 9 is something we already know a lot about, as our new Codehouse website launched on the same day on Sitecore 9 and Microsoft Azure PaaS.

We reckon it could be the first website live on the bigger, smarter, easier-to-use Sitecore 9!

We heard from Forrester on how today’s customer experience leaders must create experiences that meet or exceed customer expectations to drive profits, or risk losing out.

Sitecore told us how Sitecore 9, and delivering advanced personalisation, will dramatically change the way you execute your digital marketing strategy, programmes, and campaigns, as well as touching on machine learning, chat-bots, and next-generation customer experience.

Microsoft taught us about the benefits of running Sitecore on Azure, and how the flexibility and power of Microsoft Azure PaaS workloads offer huge opportunities for businesses to innovate and differentiate in ever-more disrupted markets. Talk to us if you want to know more about Sitecore and Azure PaaS.

And we spoke about our fantastic award-winning work with wagamama, and how their use of the Sitecore platform has delivered a fantastic commerce experience for customers whilst delivering measurable business results for wagamama.

wagamama takeout case study 
Our award-winning work for wagamama take-out

Over the years, we’ve helped numerous companies delive better customer experience and increase revenues through the power of Sitecore, and we continue to help them optimise and personalise and grow.

We know their digital destiny. Can we help you with yours?