Shaun Miller, digital strategy and UX consultant at Codehouse will be speaking on the topic of "How a ‘concierge experience’ online can increase leads and revenue pipeline" at the Century Club on Shaftesbury Avenue, London, next Tuesday 27 November.

Shaun's presentation will reveal:

  • Why B2B brands should seek to deliver a ‘concierge experience’ online, and what it is.
  • How you can map user journeys and define personas to identify hidden ‘experience’ opportunities.
  • A practical example of how a ‘concierge experience’ is driving a dramatic increase in international revenue pipeline for a technology company.

Hope you can join us - make sure you request a ticket for the B2B Marketing Masterclass event.

B2B marketing is still about selling to people

Whilst the lead time from awareness of your brand or product through the research phase to actual purchase may take much longer than in the B2C world, B2B marketing, whilst about acquiring new clients, is still about selling to actual people - the ones doing the research and making the decision to buy.

And the decision to buy will usually involve multiple people from the same company.

Our approach, which Shaun will reveal, is based on discovering exactly what each of your prospective buyers want and need, and to use this information to take them on a digital journey that gives them exactly what they need at every point on their journey - delivering a tailored digital experience that is so spectacular that they remember you, they come back again, and eventually they buy.

B2B brand websites need to become a destination for research, to educate a prospective buyer, and to provide answers and value that seamlessly leads an individual down the path to a purchase decision.

Read our case study

We work with many B2B brands around the world, and our recent work for Colt Data Centre Services not only won a Sitecore Experience Award for fastest time to market, but is delivering a huge increase in sales pipeline for the business and bringing recognition to the marketing team at the highest levels.

"Our new website is a real game-changer for us. We’re already seeing more potential customers finding our locations around the world, and more relevant leads coming through to boost our revenue pipeline."
Brent Dewhurst, digital marketing manager, Colt DCS

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