Sitecore Helix is defined as a set of official guidelines and best practices for implementing Sitecore.

The principle developed by Sitecore is designed to help developers implement Sitecore in the most efficient, sustainable, and flexible way possible.

Why use Sitecore Helix?

Using Sitecore Helix enables developers to build Sitecore websites with greater efficiency at lower costs to the business. This is especially relevant when it comes to adapting the solution to changing requirements.

A Sitecore solution implemented with the Helix principle has modular architecture with controlled dependencies. This provides more maintainable code and lowers the cost of change.

Challenges and experiences

One challenge experienced when the Helix principle isn’t followed is mass refactoring. A very large amount of refactoring will have to be done, as existing services across the solution will be harder to reuse.

This increases the time and effort needed to modify both services and functionality, as well as features taking longer to be released.

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From experience, with Helix correctly implemented within the solution, the implementation of features requires less time and effort.

In addition, the solution is made more maintainable and reusable, thus reducing time spent fixing bugs.

TDS modules contain the items stored within Sitecore. These items include templates, layouts, and content.

The issue with modules arises when a Sitecore solution has too many. For example a website which has TDS projects for Foundation, Feature, Project Common, Project Mainsite, Content, and Development Content, makes syncing of content slow and confusing at times.

TDS manages source control of content, keeps Sitecore items in sync, and allows development teams to work simultaneously on a solution. It also expands on previously created items, or integrates a current feature with previously created items or features.

Our experienced Sitecore development team has developed Helix websites for numerous customers across a variety of sectors. If you’d like to know more about upgrading your Sitecore website then get in touch.