We're in a time when Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are influencing our online decisions. This should be a good thing as website visitors are shown real-time content that reflects intent.

Whether through the customer experience or managing data to spot trends, AI and ML are here to stay and will only improve.

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) are becoming important systems for businesses wanting to effectively manage and mine their customers' digital interactions. This is happening as we speak.

Our digital journeys are being tracked and that data is used to influence us - to build our loyalty. And with the amount of touchpoints and data on the rise these intelligent systems will become even smarter.

Strong AI delivers real-time decisioning on the next best action. But is it that simple?

To achieve this requires data. A lot of it. One of the platforms designed to manage and unify the data collected is a CDP. It can access loads of data across all channels, facilitate personalised content, and propose cross-selling and recommendations.

Let's say somebody visits a website for a second time and looks at the same product. The CDP has segmented this visitor as a prospective customer and personalisation is facilitated (through integration with a content management system). The personalised content prompts the visitor to the conversion point. Result? The AI has helped in gaining a new customer. But what about sifting through the data to identify churn?

CDPs can do that too. This is a massive plus because it can take a long time to go through data from separate systems and then run predictive models using other AI tools. By the time a picture is formed the data could be weeks or months old. And that's way too late.

Predictive modelling in AI systems can identify customers most likely to churn. This is gives marketers an advantage as they can carry out their retention strategies through timely marketing automation.

Marketers can adjust their approach by getting that personalised content out there as and when to improve the customer experience. They get these insights from a platform that can segment customers based on preferences, where they are in the purchase funnel, past history, real-time behaviour and more. Very smart...

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Customer Data Platforms with AI are advanced systems and it can be a hard and drawn-out process choosing the right one.

Even so, they provide businesses with a far deeper understanding of their customers' behaviour than ever before. This greater knowledge is a given in today's demanding online world. If somebody isn't receiving the right experience, they'll just move on.

CDPs and AI have a synergy that businesses can't ignore.

Sitecore’s Composable DXP includes a powerful Customer Data Platform that delivers intelligent insights for the digital ecosystem. It will give your business better data insights and segmentation for effective targeting and personalisation, all in a SaaS platform.

At Codehouse, our fully certified development team has been trained in delivering Sitecore CDP. So whether you're currently using Sitecore, or it's on your radar for a future transformation project, get in touch.