Available from Sitecore 8.1 onward, Sitecore Experience Manager allows you to run the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) without the Experience Database (xDB) enabled.


As an open, extensible content management platform, Sitecore Experience Manager integrates (via Sitecore connectors) with a variety of digital marketing tools:

  • Ecommerce
  • Social media
  • Advanced search
  • Multi-languages

Headless CMS

Because Sitecore decouples content from the presentation (headless), Sitecore Experience Manager can deliver meaningful digital experiences across multiple devices and multiple channels such as web, mobile, point of sale digital signage, augmented reality etc.


Like Sitecore XP, Sitecore XM offers flexible website hosting deployment options, such as on-premise, hybrid cloud, or managed cloud hosting, including the ability to deploy Sitecore on Microsoft Azure PaaS, which can give you a huge amount of flexibility in development and upgrades, as well as a quicker time to market.

Sitecore Experience Manager feature compatibility

Because Sitecore Experience Manager is 'the entry level' version Sitecore XP, there are some compatibility limitations:

  • Included: Content editing in the Experience Editor
  • Included: Device detection
  • Included: Geo IP detection
  • Included: Experience Explorer
  • Limited functionality: Campaign Creator (no analytics)
  • Limited functionality: Commerce Connect
  • Limited functionality: Personalisation (in-session only)
  • Limited functionality: WFFM and Sitecore Forms (no analytics in Forms)
  • Not included: AB & multivariate testing
  • Not included: Email Experience Manager
  • Not included: Analytics (Experience Analytics, Experience Explorer and Path Analyser)
  • Not included: List Manager
  • Not included: Segmentation
  • Not included: Federated Experience Manager
  • Not included: Marketing Automation

Sitecore XM at a glance

  • Multisite management: Share content, presentation, and modules, with central management and monitoring across multiple websites
  • Multilingual content: Present the right language to the right customer regardless of the digital channel or device they’re using
  • Optimised for mobile: Automatically detects and optimises website content for visitors’ devices, and Geo IP detection enables personalisation based on physical visitor location
  • Personalisation: Deliver targeted, relevant content to your visitors by setting personalisation rules in session
  • One system:  Content authors manage and write multilingual content in one place
  • Headless:Takes a ‘write-once-distribute-across-any-channel’ approach, and automatically serves content in the best format for each customer’s device
  • Enterprise-class search: Offers website visitors, as well as content authors, a flexible and scalable search engine to easily find the right content
  • Increases speed to market: Reduce web development from months to weeks with drag-and-drop templates for commonly-used page components

We’ve designed and built Sitecore websites for numerous brands across a variety of sectors, including integrating Sitecore websites with systems such as CRM, ERP, PoS, payment gateways and more. If you’d like to know more about Sitecore Experience Manager then get in touch.