In addition to the great features already in EXM, like segmented lists, personalisation, testing and more, what does EXM 3.5 offer?

Greater insights

An all new dashboard gives marketers more insights into recipient behaviour. Essential metrics like, ‘Sent’, ‘Opened’ and ‘Delivered’ are easily visible in the EXM dashboard. Marketers can also drill down further into recipient activity via loads of dashboard filters.

EXM 3.5 interface
EXM 3.5 provides greater insights to marketers

Improved personalisation

Personalising emails in EXM is not a new feature. What is new however, is the ability for marketers to assign custom tokens via the client API. This enhancement means that dynamic, personalised content can be contained within emails that have the power to trigger more personalised messages. This feature greatly enhances recipient engagement and can be a main driver in delivering effective and engaging email campaigns.

Connecting languages

If you’re running multiple sites in multiple languages your email campaigns need to be executed efficiently so that recipients are directed to the relevant landing page. This is achieved with improved click handler support that connects multiple sites and languages using Hostname Mapping.

MS Azure

EXM 3.5 can be deployed on Microsoft Azure Web App.

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