Next year Universal Analytics will be no more. But don't panic just yet. UA is being replaced by Google Analytics 4 from July 1st 2023. Even so, it’s best to be prepared.

Although Universal Analytics properties will still be gathering data it's strongly recommended you take the necessary steps to stay ahead of the curve and get ready for GA4 before next summer.

Why? Apart from the obvious, your historical data needs to be captured by GA4 to allow you to continue gathering insights on your website visitors before UA vanishes beyond the horizon for good.

On the 1st July 2023 sunset date (as Google puts it), your UA data will no longer be visible in the Analytics interface or via the API. Your window for accessing previously processed Universal Analytics data will be at least 6 months. That's why you should act now to ensure your GA4 set-up is complete.

We understand the value of your data. It’s important you get to work exporting your historical reports so you can smoothly transition Google Analytics 4.

We've already highlighted the evolution to GA4 in a previous article, which is worth the read.

It’s also worth considering other analytics platforms like Matomo for instance, which is a strong supplement or even alternative to Google Analytics 4. Read our comparison article.

Whichever you choose, our Google Certified experts and analytics team can give you all the guidance and support you need to make the switch to GA4.

Get in touch as soon as you can to find out more.