If you work in B2B marketing, being able to see what content on your website is driving the most traffic, and which pages help to convert, is vital.

But Google Analytics can only take you so far.

What your analytics package won’t show you is which companies have been visiting your website, and which pages they’ve been looking at. For that, you need website visitor tracking software.

Website visitor tracking software

With website visitor tracking software at your fingertips, you can not only see which companies are visiting your website, but you can see exactly what the landing page was that tempted them to click and visit.

You can see the subsequent pages they look at, and how often they visit your site, so you can gauge the level and depth of their interest in your company and your services.

If Company X has visited your website several times, and has visited pages on a similar topic time and time again, then you know that they are in supplier discovery and selection mode – and potentially more likely to be interested in what you have to offer than Company Y who has just visited once and never returned.

Leadfeeder screenshot 
A screenshot of Leadfeeder

Your marketing team can then let your business development team know that Company X looks like a hot prospect – by sending an email to them directly from within the website visitor tracking tool.

They can then contact the appropriate person in Company X – via LinkedIn or phone call – to start a conversation and see if they’re in the market to buy and ready to engage with sales, or would like more information on the services they’ve looked at on your website.

With website visitor tracking software, there’s no more waiting and hoping that the people visiting your website will get in touch with you when they’re interested – you can pre-empt this and drive a better customer experience by contacting them at the moment they’re in the market to know more about you and the products or services you sell.

Finding the best tool for the job

There are a number of website visitor tracking tools out there in the market - Lead Forensics, Smartlook, Zoho, to name a few.

The tool we recommend – because we think it’s the best – is Leadfeeder.

As well as doing all the great stuff outlined above, you can integrate Leadfeeder with Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Bing Ads, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and a number of other systems.

Doing this gives you a complete view of which marketing channels are working better than others, which individuals you know are coming to our site, and most importantly – to help inform what you write about to aid your inbound marketing efforts – what content is driving the best traffic.

We know Leadfeeder works, because we use it ourselves – and we’ve driven leads into our business and made sales as a result.

Want to talk marketing technology?

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With expertise in helping our customers define marketing strategy, choosing the right systems to drive better customer experiences, and optimising customer journeys and digital marketing channels, we can help you make the most of your marketing technology stack, ensuring you’re able to gather the right data, in one place, to make the right decisions to make your marketing fly, and your sales rise.

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