Sitecore continues its push to help customers deliver exceptional experiences. We've already seen this with its composable DXP, a platform that allows you to add best of breed applications to your Sitecore platform to create the perfect system that suits your business needs.

Now we have the release/availability of Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud (XM Cloud). Sitecore claims to be the first company to move its core Web Content Management System to a modern cloud architecture. For personalisation, testing and content authoring, XM Cloud is the editor's and marketers ideal kit.

Sitecore has positioned itself as a leader in Web Content Management Systems. Its experience in the field means it has its finger on the pulse of what makes a great marketing toolkit.

With XM Cloud, the Sitecore team addressed the issues of powering digital experiences in the cloud without jarring the customer experience or making the content team work even harder. And we all know what that feels like. Plus the IT team are released from infrastructure support and sometimes lengthy and painful upgrades.

XM Cloud does away with 'slow-to-market' implementations. It's fast, easy to use for developers, and is a breath of fresh air for editors and marketers.

So let's get down to the nitty-gritty. What exactly does Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud offer?

Sitecore XM Cloud key features

  • Super-fast performance
  • Enhanced authoring experience
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Powerful marketing tools
  • Multi-channel capabilities
  • Ease of development
  • Composability
  • Scalability
  • Continual upgrade integration

Super-fast performance

Page load speeds affect the user experience and impact SEO. With Sitecore XM Cloud you'll benefit from a headless architecture that delivers super-fast performance. This improves load speeds, your Google performance scores, and so also your SEO.

Enhanced authoring experience

Content editors will love XM Cloud! The WYSIWYG authoring experience delivers a streamlined interface. Editors will be able to use a slick drag and drop feature to curate impactful components and web pages.

Flexible deployment options

The beauty of XM Cloud is that it can be used with headless developments. It will work with modern frontend frameworks and support all deployment scenarios.

Powerful marketing tools

Sitecore has always provided marketers with powerful tools to shape the user experience, and XM Cloud is no different. With business focussed tools like personalisation and testing, marketers have the perfect set-up to hone, enhance and deliver even better experiences.

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Multi-channel capabilities

The headless architecture allows your teams to produce a single piece of content and reuse it across whatever channels your business uses. This saves time and money on getting your content out to your audience.

Ease of development

Dev teams will be able to develop engaging websites with support for modern JAMstack front ends and powerful dev-ops tools.


XM Cloud is part of Sitecore's composable stack. This means all Composable DXP applications can be bolted on independently according to your business needs.


Scale to your heart's content. Because XM Cloud is a SaaS platform you don't have to worry about the cost implications of scaling. Elastic scaling means your solution can grow at the same rate as your business.

Sitecore XM Cloud is an innovative addition to Sitecore’s product suite. It will benefit your business’s digital capabilities and also improve ROI due its headless capabilities like flexible deployment options.

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