Your Sitecore website is doing what you want it to do, right? Consider this though. If you want it to keep up with digital advancements then a future-proof and flexible website is a must.

At Codehouse, we make sure your Sitecore website ticks all the boxes. We want you to be certain in the knowledge that your website is running efficiently and able to deliver to the business both now and in the future. It should meet Sitecore best practice principles and be built to take advantage of the latest infrastructure advancements (for example Azure PaaS coupled with automated test frameworks).

A 67-point check!

Think of your Sitecore website as a car. Like a car, it needs checking to ensure it is running in tip-top form. Our XP Readiness (XPR) assessment is a thorough 67-point check covering functionality, structure, governance, SEO, ease-of-use and more - from authoring and analytics, to compliance and marketing delivery.

The XPR is an integral part of every Codehouse solution delivery. No project of ours goes live without it! 

Sitecore website review

We can also carry out an XPR as part of a deep-dive Sitecore website review of your solution. 

By putting your website through its paces, we can form a clear picture of what needs doing to improve its efficiency.

We can also help build a roadmap to ensure that you are fully leveraging the fantastic feature/functionality opportunities provided by Sitecore.

We flag anything that inhibits your website’s performance or that of your content and marketing teams.. Then we provide methods and frameworks so that you can actually make measurable steps forward.

The summation of the XPR consists of our findings and includes sensible and practical recommendations, which will include ‘Quick Win’ strategies to help you to get the very best from your Sitecore website.

If you are running on an older version of Sitecore and thinking of how to justify an upgrade (to Sitecore 9.0.1 then we can help identify the business benefits that such an upgrade could bring.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with us if you'd like to know more about our Sitecore XPR website review, or to discuss an upgrade to Sitecore 9 - the latest version of Sitecore’s powerful Experience Platform (XP), or just to discuss how we may be of help in your next digital project

One of the very few Sitecore Platinum Partners, we've been working with Sitecore since its inception. We know it inside out, from design and build, to making all the various marketing elements work together with your existing marketing toolset. It's why we have the reputation we do and why customers stay with us.