Leadfeeder is website visitor tracking software that integrates with Google Analytics to show you who’s coming to your website.

The company has just announced that Leadfeeder can now integrate with Google Data Studio.

This means that B2B marketing teams can now easily create comprehensive reports and dashboards that pull in Leadfeeder data, as well as data from other sources, to clearly illustrate to colleagues and senior management the success of their digital marketing campaigns and content marketing activities.

Image of leads and visit data from Leadfeeder in Google Data Studio 
Image of leads, visits and page view data from Leadfeeder in Google Data Studio

According to Leadfeeder, "This integration gives sales and marketing teams the opportunity to drill into deeper insights, track new visitor behaviour on-site like never before, and the ability to create custom reports utilising accurate data from Leadfeeder and Google with more ease."

Google Data Studio

Part of the Google Marketing Platform, Google Data Studio allows you to create interactive, customisable, shareable charts and graphs from various data sources in dashboard designed and branded to your liking.

With Google Data Studio, you can:

  • Import data from spreadsheets, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and other databases and data sources.
  • Visualise your data with line, bar, and pie charts, geo maps, area and bubble graphs, data and pivot tables, and more.
  • Share your marketing and business-critical data with your team and colleagues in real time.

Take a look at all the data sources from which you can pull in data to Google Data Studio, including Google products, but also AdRoll, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, MediaMath, SEMrush, Twitter, Vimeo, and many more.

And of course, Leadfeeder.

Image of lead data from Leadfeeder in Google Data Studio 
Image of lead data from Leadfeeder in Google Data Studio

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