Sitecore is a leading experience management platform that enables your businesses to achieve its digital objectives through leveraging its powerful marketing tools.

The latest version, Sitecore 10 offers even more advanced capabilities for developers, marketers and editors. Below is a list of some of the key features and benefits you should expect when upgrading to version 10.

Sitecore 10 for developers

  • Containers:  Using Docker technology, developers can 'box' software in containers, making it easier to create/start new instances.  Docker and Kubernetes technology runs the software containers.  This helps developers to easily run vast quantities of Sitecore copies, to run Sitecore production instances and to efficiently test load balancing. There are three deployment options available: Self-managed cloud deployment, Managed cloud deployment and On premises deployment 
  • Headless development:  Sitecore 10 allows developers to work in a 'headless' framework. Being headless means the .Net Core infrastructure runs independently of Sitecore while using content from the CMS. This saves on development costs and speeds up deployments
  • Serialisation:  Developers currently use external tools like Unicorn and TDS to serialise content. With Sitecore 10 developers can 'headlessley' perform serialisation
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Sitecore 10 for marketers and editors

  • Horizon: Eventually to replace the Experience Editor, Sitecore Horizon is an advanced page editing interface that's been improved for Sitecore 10. It now allows editors to swap between sites and languages, including switching to SXA websites. Other improvements include a Field Editor and a Content View
  • Personalisation: Not only will Sitecore 10 support personalisation in the Experience Manager (XM), it will also offer AI personalisation as a standard feature
  • Email: Creating emails in Email Experience Manager is a lot easier. Marketers have access to three new email templates (Left Image Block, Right Image Block, Image Focus)
  • Content Hub: Editing experiences can be integrated with Sitecore’s Content Hub. There's also improved support for taxonomy data between the Content Marketing Platform into your CMS
  • Marketing Automation: New 'birthday' rules in the Rules Editor mean that marketers can send automated birthday greetings/messages to customers
  • Pasting from Word: Clean source HTML is created when Word content is pasted into the Rich Text Editor
  • Salesforce integration: Marketers can easily synchronise new data into Salesforce because of new integration features connecting analytics data with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Easier anonymisation:  Sitecore 10 has improved its anonymisation feature. It’s now easier to anonymise data collected from Sitecore Forms
  • Sitecore AI video support: Automated tagging and indexing of video content
  • Analytics filtering: Marketers can target segments of contacts via predefined rules and gain more insights on key audience groups

We’ll be covering more Sitecore 10 features in future posts. In the meantime get in touch about upgrading your Sitecore website.