If you don't know what Sitecore's Composable DXP is by now, then where have you been?

The composable approach applies a headless modular configuration that allows you to add bolt-on technologies to your Sitecore set-up.

Composable technology is the next level. It has a lower TCO. It’s easy to configure and upgrade. It streamlines your system and makes it more efficient.

From ecommerce to search, Sitecore’s composable stack offers:

But it doesn't end there. At the recent Sitecore Symposium in Chicago, three more offerings to its Composable DXP were rolled out. Each one addressing the challenges of content, search and integration.

  1. Content Hub One
  2. Search
  3. Connect
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1. Content Hub One

Referred to as a 'lightweight CMS for an omnichannel world', Content Hub One allows content creators to efficiently manage and create content independently. It offers effortless content authoring via its simple interface, whilst allowing dynamic content and memorable user experiences to be created for any channel.

From a developer's perspective, SDKs and APIs are available to support front-end frameworks.

2. Search

This shouldn't be confused with Discover. Whereas Discover is solely for ecommerce inventory, Search is a standalone AI-driven module in its own right. Search allows you to easily index the content on your (Sitecore) website in a 'plug and play' fashion.

3. Connect

Whereas all of Sitecore's composable modules are designed to fit snuggly with your Sitecore Experience Platform, Connect is different.

This headless, low-code platform allows for easy integration with thousands of third-party connectors. Recipes can be easily created with the relevant API endpoints that connect with your Sitecore Digital Experience Platform.

Working with Codehouse

We’re looking forward to continuing working with the Composable DXP. If you’re considering Sitecore as your next platform, or are already using it, then we’ll get you up and running in the composable DXP world.

We’ve been working with Sitecore for a long time (over 15 years). In that time, we’ve built a lot of websites and have even picked up a few awards along the way.

Get in touch to talk about adopting a composable approach.