For the ninth time in a row, Sitecore has been awarded the accolade of ‘Leader’ by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management 
Source: Gartner (2018)

According to Gartner, web content management is more than just simply publishing webpages, and includes:

  • Content creation functions, such as creating templates and workflow management;
  • Repositories that organise and provide metadata about web content;
  • Library services, such as version control and security;
  • Website management features, such as layout, menus, and navigation;
  • Content deployment functions that deliver pre-packaged or on-demand content to web servers;
  • A high degree of inter-operability with other technologies, such as CRM, digital asset management (DAM) and web analytics;
  • Capabilities such as real-time personalisation of visitor interactions;
  • The ability to integrate well with delivery platforms such as digital commerce platforms, social media, portal software and broader digital experience platforms (DXPs).

Sitecore excels in all of these, and more.

The Gartner report highlights Sitecore’s widespread appeal to various industries and organisations of various sizes, its architecture with "headless" capabilities for cross-channel and content agility, as well as its advanced personalisation and contextualisation features.

The report also mentions that Sitecore has a reputation for complexity and relatively long implementation and deployment times. This is not something we recognise – especially as we’ve just won the 2018 Sitecore Award for fastest time to market.

Long implementation times are down to the knowledge and expertise of the Sitecore agency you choose to work with, rather than an issue with the platform itself.

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