Sitecore 9.0 is the first version of Sitecore that introduces the foundation to support AI-driven personalisation. Automated personalisation is the first step in next-generation personalisation services within Sitecore AI. The personalisation services, one of the first-ever to be powered by Microsoft Azure, automatically recognise website visitor trends, define customer segments, and modify web-page elements to deliver personalised digital experiences.

Sitecore AI helps solve the content crisis for marketers by giving them the intelligent insights they need to optimise content creation and personalised experience delivery at massive scale.

With Sitecore AI and the power of Sitecore Cortex machine learning, organisations with Sitecore as their digital experience platform now have access to game-changing personalisation and next-level optimisation, allowing them to:

  • Make strategic business decisions by connecting customer interactions and creating a 360-degree view into the customer journey
  • Instantly anticipate customer needs and meet them to drive new revenue opportunities
  • Gain insights with automated personalisation recommendations based on both native and third-party customer data
  Sitecore AI provides unique 1:1 experiences

Unlike other AI personalisation solutions, Sitecore AI is the only one to automatically identify customer segments, thereby allowing brands to deliver a unique, one-to-one digital experience.

Auto Personalisation

Auto Personalisation is a key feature of Sitecore AI. It was developed with Microsoft to use Azure Machine Learning to bring AI innovations to market. Sitecore AI operates as a browser-based machine learning service on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Sitecore AI Auto Personalisation has been used on the Microsoft Partner Network website to make the site faster and easier to manage for marketers, whilst providing a better-guided experience for visitors.

Sitecore AI Auto Personalisation provides marketing teams with a dashboard that shows exactly what the AI is doing and why it makes the decisions it makes. For example, what visitor attributes are most influential? How and why visitors are grouped into certain audience segments? and how content that resonates most with each segment was chosen.

Auto Personalisation through Sitecore AI will be available in December 2019, with Content AI for predictive content performance and monitoring to follow at some point in 2020.

Upgrading to Sitecore 9

Each new version of Sitecore has additional tools, features, and functionality designed to meet both brand and customer needs.

To take advantage of Sitecore AI Auto Personalisation and any future service offerings via Sitecore AI, you'll need to upgrade to Sitecore 9.0 or above.

If you're still using legacy versions of Sitecore, such as Sitecore 6, Sitecore 7, or Sitecore 8 then it may be the right time to upgrade to make use of Sitecore AI, have improved integration capabilities, and better e-commerce features with Sitecore Commerce. Upgrading will improve ways to deliver personalised customer experiences.

Whatever your reason for upgrading to Sitecore 9.x  we have the experience and knowledge to guide and advise you through the upgrade process.


To talk about a Sitecore upgrade or Sitecore AI, just get in touch.