Marketing, as a function, spends a huge amount of time doing research, thinking, planning, getting approval, setting up, monitoring, reviewing, and reporting. Marketers are extremely time-poor – so a tool that could streamline operations and processes, so that marketers can plan, monitor, review, and deliver campaigns easier and faster, would be a God-send.

And it’s all within reach with the Sitecore Experience Platform, the global leader in digital experience management software that combines content management, commerce, and customer insights.

Let’s look under the hood of Sitecore Content Hub. Here’s what you get:

Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Vital in today’s digital world for organisations large and small, who own and need a huge amount of content – Sitecore DAM allows you to store and search for any kind of marketing content or asset, including videos, images, product artwork, visuals, 3D, files, and more – all fully integrated with Sitecore.

Sitecore DAM also has full digital rights management (DRM), complete with rights profiles and copyright information, contracts, and sophisticated rules to manage all your assets at scale, in the way you need.

  • Store and manage all brand assets and content
  • Handle any media type from photos, diagrams, artwork, video, 3D, source files, and more
  • Search and find your assets quickly and easily
  • Supports complex content metadata
  • Includes integrated digital rights management to ensure full compliance

Sitecore Product Information Management (PIM)

Sitecore PIM is your single source of truth for product data which, as part of Sitecore Content Hub, allows different teams, in different departments, in different locations, to manage and maintain the product data that feeds the product pages and product detail on your ecommerce website, helps you create your product brochures, and more.

  • Manage and automate product data for your ecommerce website to avoid on-page typos and errors
  • Supports multiple brands, products, and product ranges, lifecycle management, and localisation
  • Easily see how and where an asset is used across websites, product brochures, mobile apps, signage, PoS, digital kiosks, and more
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Sitecore Content Hub   

Sitecore Marketing Resource Management™ (MRM)

Sitecore Marketing Resource Management makes your team more efficient by giving you workflow, review, and approval tools to better plan, schedule and organise content production, as well as dashboards.

  • Manage and control each element of a marketing campaign from content planning to publishing
  • Plan your annual marketing calendar and organise your content production by means of a structured and streamlined process
  • Allow your project managers to master their operations through stage-gate workflows and dashboards
  • Steer teams towards their targets with collaboration tools including browser-based annotation and validation

Sitecore Web-to-Print

Sitecore Content Hub also allow you to convert your website content directly into print content, giving your website visitors completely personalised documents to print out and take away to read at their leisure.

With Sitecore web-to-print, your team can access content and layout templates directly from the Sitecore for quick and easy creation of consistent, brand-approved collateral.

  • Generate posters, flyers, business cards, product specs and more with complete brand consistency
  • Allow customers to generate and personalise their own collateral
  • Easy to use, browser-based editing UI
  • Combine layout templates with product content

With its wide-ranging feature set, Sitecore Content Hub streamlines asset management and simplifies marketing operational processes, so your marketing team can plan, collaborate, monitor, and confidently deliver campaigns and personalised experiences with rights-approved assets, quickly and easily.

Learn more about digital asset management and delivery:

If you want to learn more about Sitecore Content Hub and what it could do for your organisation, or whether you’re ready to go ahead and you just need a Sitecore Content Hub implementation partner, contact us.