Sitecore DAM works seamlessly with the Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Experience Commerce, providing your organisation with a fully integrated content and digital experience solution.

What you can do with Sitecore DAM:

Store and manage

Sitecore DAM comes with best-in-breed media conversion and transcoding engines, which means you can save and manage every kind of file type and piece of content you can think of.

Upload and control

Quickly and easily upload files via drag-and-drop, review and approve any newly added or uploaded content, and control the lifecycle of your content.

Download and convert

Download any file directly to your computer for quick access to make changes or generate a different size or file format directly within Sitecore DAM, using pre-set or custom options relating to size, file format, colour, cropping and more. You can also send secure download links to external third parties for them to do the same.

Sitecore DAM   

Search and find

Sitecore DAM gives you faceted search, full text search with suggestions, and an advanced query builder, so your team can quickly search through a huge amount of content in just a few clicks. Save and share searches, or even subscribe to updates for continuous supervision of your entire content repository.

Preview and inspect

Preview images, videos, and other file types directly in your browser whilst checking metadata and navigating through related content – all the content information you need is right in front of your eyes.

Select and share

Choose your required content by means of different search queries, perform batch actions such as edit, download, or delete, and share what you’ve done with the rest of the team.

Content is at the core of every great and memorable digital experience” - Sitecore

Learn more about Sitecore DAM

Creating amazing digital experiences starts with content. As the central master data repository for all your content, Sitecore DAM gives you all the benefits below and more, all with the power of Sitecore.

  • Accelerate marketing creativity and delivery cycles
  • Reduce time to market for marketing campaigns
  • Eradicate the cost of lost or misplaced assets and content
  • Improve team collaboration and access to crucial brand assets
  • Maintain brand consistency and brand integrity
  • Improve marketing intelligence and measurement of ROI
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