The delivery of Sitecore websites is changing - moving from on-premise, single-server instances to virtual, scaled hosting in the cloud.

This gives you the flexibility to scale your website at will, and gives you the enhanced security and manageability that comes from the cloud.

But it doesn’t just give you that. It gives you powerful new options to create and manage site deployments, meaning you can get new features to market quickly, and without downtime.

Making Sitecore work for you

At Codehouse, we are pioneering new ways to deliver on these opportunities, using our extensive knowledge and experience across AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure to turn the technical promise into reality.

The tried-and-tested route of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) deployments has been joined by the Sitecore PaaS (Platform as a Service) installations on Microsoft Azure.

This is a major step forward in being able to deliver cost-effective installations and deployments. Where previously multiple servers, with multiple resource and licence costs, would have been required to get the scalability needed, we can now make use of webapps and deployment slots to achieve the same thing without the additional overhead.

We like to drink our own champagne...

Our own website runs Sitecore 9 on Azure PaaS, so we know first-hand about the power and opportunity which that combination can give you. We also know how to configure it to make the most of those opportunities, plus how to avoid any pitfalls along the way.

Easy switching between staging & live sites

We deliver our site through a Blue-Green deployment methodology with Sitecore webapps. This method involves us running two instances of the site that are interchangeable ('blue' and 'green').

While the 'blue' version is live, the 'green' version acts as a staging environment, and we can roll out and test new features that are as close to the live version as possible. Then, when the new features are ready, we switch, and the 'green site' becomes live, making 'blue' the new staging environment.

This is all done with webapps and deployment slots through Microsoft Azure. It gives us hugely improved testing capabilities, but also gives the huge advantage of a quick and low-ceremony rollback.

 If the worst happens, we just switch back!

All of this is done through automation, and a deployment platform that we have developed where features are tested throughout the deployment process as well as throughout the development cycle. We do this through infrastructure that stretches back from production deep into the development process.

We work to automate each and every step, from the developer’s machine through testing on each code change, daily testing, automation of release candidates, and through to production deployments. The deployment process cannot be reliable unless it’s tested, so we use it at each stage, testing it again and again.

For production, we can help you to make the most, and easiest, of deployments to your cloud infrastructure of choice.

For example, for those on IaaS installations, we routinely deliver either offline installation packages with complete and automated installation steps, or deploy through live Octopus tentacles that deliver new features directly.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to talk to us about Sitecore 9, its new features, Microsoft Azure PaaS (or IaaS) and how Codehouse can upgrade your Sitecore solution to Sitecore 9, then do get in touch with us today.