Sitecore Horizon overview

Sitecore Horizon for Sitecore 9.3 is installed separately and is accessible form the launchpad. Sitecore Horizon offers advanced editing and marketing capabilities that include:

  • Page editor
  • Simulator mode
  • Page insights

Page editor

The Page Editor is simpler and faster than the Experience Editor. Sitecore Horizon allows editors to quickly create new pages based on templates, as well as being able to edit existing pages and publish them directly.

Sitecore Horizon is intuitive as it uses contextual menus. This limits the number of clicks editors need to navigate and create pages.

Sitecore horizon page editor

Simulator mode

This feature enables editors to simulate webpages as they would be displayed on different devices. Unlike the Experience Editor, content editors can undo and redo changes.

The simulator mode also allows editors to simulate pages using a time bar. This advanced feature means that editors can see how a webpage will look on specific days and times.

Horizon simulator

Page insights

The Page insights view in Sitecore Horizon allows marketers to analyse the performance of the selected webpage. Marketers can gain insights from the following default metrics:

  • Visits per day and average value per visit
  • Conversion rate by date
  • Time on page by date
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on this page
  • Bounce rate by date
Page insights

Sitecore Horizon vs Experience Editor

  • Undo/redo buttons: Editors can redo and undo changes, options that are currently not available on the Experience Editor.
  • Faster: Compared to the Experience Editor, it is faster and more efficient.
  • Switching devices: Editors can preview and edit pages in different devices and layouts, and preview them in a Simulator view.
  • Auto-save capabilities: Auto-saves without having to refresh the page.

Installing Sitecore Horizon

There are three key installation steps. For more details refer to the Installation Guide.

  1. File configuration
  2. Executing the script
  3. Check if Horizon has been installed

Step 1: File configuration

Download Horizon and after extracting the folder, change the parameters in ‘parameter.ps1’ to match the instance settings.

Sitecore Horizon parameters

Step 2: Executing the script

Open a PowerShell window as Administrator and execute the ‘install.ps1’ script. Running the script creates the Horizon website with the relevant parameters.

Executing powershell script

Step 3: Check if Horizon has been installed

After installation, Sitecore Horizon will be visible in the updated launchpad. Clicking on the Horizon tile will redirect to the newly created Horizon URL.

Sitecore launchpad with horizon

Horizon is a great addition to Sitecore 9.3. Although it's a separate module that needs to be installed, it will eventually be integrated with Sitecore XP and will replace the Experience Editor.

Our development team are working on Sitecore projects right now. If you want to find out more about upgrading your Sitecore website to get to use Horizon, get in touch.