The report states that CMS vendors that lead the pack are kings when it comes to flexible content architecture, smart content management, and improved content analytics, APIs, and cross-channel delivery.

Sitecore has long had a policy of continuous innovation, which means brands with Sitecore websites can take full advantage of every new improvement and feature enhancement.

Only three content management systems made the cut to be a Leader – Sitecore, Adobe, and Acquia.

The power of Sitecore

Choosing Sitecore as your web platform and CMS gives you:

  • An all-in-one digital experience platform
  • 360-degree customer view through integration with data from other systems
  • Personalisation
  • Rules-based & behavioural targeting
  • Customer engagement measurement
  • An ecommerce and retail-ready platform
  • Advanced A/B and multivariate testing
  • Marketing automation
  • Email management
  • Web analytics
  • Multilingual, multi-site management
  • Optimisation for search engines
  • Easy-to-create landing pages and forms
  • Workflow and security

Read more about why we think Sitecore is the ideal choice for any brand looking to revolutionise the way you deliver digital experiences to both your current and potential new customers.

If you want to provide or combine content, commerce, and personalisation to help customers have the most relevant, individualised experiences possible with your brand, then Sitecore is for you.

Complete flexibility with Sitecore Cloud

More and more organisations have been moving towards cloud infrastructure to eliminate the cost and complexity of managing their own data centres.

Sitecore provides an unparalleled choice of deployment options by offering:

  • A fully managed solution via Sitecore Managed Cloud;
  • The ability for a customer to deploy upon their own Azure instance via Azure Marketplace or Toolkit;
  • The ability to deploy on-premise, if desired.

All of the Sitecore Cloud offerings are fully server-less, meaning the maintenance and scale complexities of running virtual machines in the cloud are completely eliminated.

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