Personalisation is vital to successful online customer interactions. It’s not a new technology capability but is even more important to businesses now than it’s ever been. That’s because we, as consumers, now expect it.

We covered Sitecore Personalize in a previous article but what we didn’t dive into was how serious a proposition it is for your business.

Whether you’re running on Sitecore or not, their SaaS offering, Personalize, must be a serious consideration for your business. We’ve put together five reasons why you shouldn’t ignore it.

Five reasons why Sitecore Personalize should be at the top of your list of personalisation apps

  1. Personalise the entire customer experience
  2. Easy to use
  3. Plenty of personalisation options
  4. It’s cloud based and cost effective
  5. Coupled with CDP makes it even better

1. Personalise the entire customer experience

Sitecore Personalize is part of the Composable DXP suite. With it, you can easily create, manage, and deliver personalised content to your customers.

This means your businesses can use Sitecore Personalize to not only deliver relevant messaging throughout your website, but to the entire customer experience, from the initial visit to the final purchase.

2. Easy to use

Sitecore Personalize is so easy to use. It has a great looking, user-friendly interface that allows marketers to quickly create and manage personalised content without any technical expertise.

There are also loads of out-of-the-box personalisation rules, making it easy for your teams to get started with effective personalised content.

3. Plenty of personalisation options

Sitecore Personalize has a raft of personalisation options like behaviour-based and location-based personalisation. You can even personalise your content based on customer segments.

This is incredibly handy because it means your business can churn out relevant content to your customers wherever they are on in the customer journey.

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4. It’s cloud based and cost effective

Sitecore Personalize is a cloud-native, API first platform. This means your business can easily scale its personalisation efforts as and when needed.

This flexibility is great for any business looking to scale up (or down). And is especially important for businesses looking to expand personalisation efforts to multiple channels, like email, mobile, and social media.

Also, if you’re looking for a cost-effective personalisation solution then Sitecore Personalize is a great option.

It has a wide range of personalisation options at a fraction of the cost of other personalisation apps on the market.

5. Coupled with CDP makes it even better

When coupled with a Customer Data Platform (CDP), Sitecore Personalize sings!

It uses the CDP data and follows experimentation and decisioning models to deliver memorable omnichannel experiences in real time.

This will allow your business to capture, merge, and trigger customer data as and when it's needed - to deliver the perfect personalised experience.

What other personalisation options are available?

As a responsible stakeholder it’s your job to shop around to see what the best fit is for your business. Although we’re Sitecore experts, and advocates, that doesn’t mean we can’t advise you on other personalisation apps out there should you wish to go another route.

Competing products like Adobe Target, Optimizely, and Monetate have similar personalisation and testing capabilities, but Sitecore Personalize is more focused on personalisation and optimisation.

And if you’re thinking about Google Optimise and/or Optimise 360 think again, as both these products will stop being available from September 30th 2023.

Whether you run a Sitecore website or not, Sitecore Personalize is a serious proposition for your business. It’ll give you the freedom and flexibility to really connect with your customers.

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