It’s Sitecore Jim, just not as we know it…

This year’s Sitecore Symposium was remarkable. Gob-smackingly remarkable. The great all-in-one ship turned faster than the legendary Queen Mary and rolled out, “shock and awe” style, a completely new direction.

It left more than a few scratching their heads, and some with a little concern. The mantra of “one platform”, integrated everything and usable mid-market personalisation superseded in a blizzard of SaaS, component based DXP capabilities and, it has to be said, very cool looking acquisitions.

In my view, in full disclosure, that of a long-term-rusted-on Sitecore fanboy, this is a good thing.

SaaS changed everything. Remember installing using dozens of floppy discs, then way less CD’s, then downloading files - and then undertaking an endless cycle of laborious, expensive upgrades?

SaaS makes that go away. Just like with modern commercial behemoths from Facebook to Salesforce, now you wake up, log on, and a new UI, or new capabilities, or updated security patches are just…there.

Let me tell you, once I got way too close to an upgrade and I would rather slam my head in a car door than do it again. And that’s typically after dragging the exec, kicking and screaming, to the realisation that it has to be done. No visible upside, no new cool stuff…just grudge-spend maintenance.

No wonder technical debt is more popular than Santa.

SaaS is a good, good thing, and as inevitable as the tide. No point trying to stop it. It simply solves too many headaches to resist. QED.

Long-term this makes sense. Of course, it has to be balanced off with simply staying on XP for the near future. That’s a real option for probably many.

In terms of composable - the other 'real-software-politik' is that, well, going all-in-one was an incredibly ambitious, honourable and lofty goal.

Way lofty, huge lofty…galaxy scale lofty.

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Digital however, moves obscenely fast, and what has become the DXP, has by necessity many, many moving parts.

It’s a pretty big call to stay at feature-parity with a company that only does CDP, or only does marketing automation or only does commerce. Because in a SaaS world they can innovate their hearts out knowing their offering can coexist far more easily in the Martech stack than ever.

What does all this cheese moving mean?

Sitecore can lose some barnacles, get to SaaS quicker and bring some much-needed muscle to email and marketing automation, turbocharge CDP and personalisation and fast track a wider commerce product.

This can only be a good thing.

The current install base will be looked after, no need to hit the panic button, but longer term that install base can migrate to a more modern DXP philosophy and enjoy more bang for the buck with the very stuff that made Sitecore the industry leader it is.

Imagine that. The. Last. Upgrade. One that delivers a comparable TCO, vastly more capability and a future roadmap that aligns with an inevitable SaaS reality.

One thing - Sitecore, you were the king of affordable personalisation.

Don’t make that capability too expensive for mere mortals. Don’t chop off the very thing that allowed your customers to dream big.

Pretty please...

To end, I’ve been deep down the Sitecore Send pixel mine lately…and it’s glorious. Fist pumping goodness along with the occasional jaw-drop. So many super features that deliver a monumental upgrade in capability. Really.